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WTS Qishan Mountain Team Training December 2018

WTS Qishan Mountain Team Training December 2018


The weather is still so hot at Fuzhou at Dec, like the enthusiasm of the WTS family's team training on December 22. Dec 22nd is Chinese traditional festivals Winter solstice this year. It give the second meaning of this Training. The WTS family work together and celebrate the special day together for the trainging also enjoy the sweet rice balls together.


The Team training start with happy rabbit dance. The rabbit dance keep changing and make the the dancing more and more difficult. In the end, everyone relied on a circle. The person in front sit on the back of the colleague. Everyone trusted each other and supported th each other.


Just by the beginning rabbit dance, everyone feel the importance of teamwork. Only by fully trusting colleagues with each other make impossible things possible.


After the rabbit dance, we separate 3 teams and PK. In the morning, we played five-floors Hanno Tower, drum encourage life and front-line support three team activities.


The five-floors Hanno Tower tests everyone's wisdom, team coordination, and execution. Some colleagues made mistakes at work, how other colleagues could help in time and correct them as soon as possible. If we have a good way to work and whether it could be implemented in place. A family member made very good suggestions. Everyone took pictures for their own step at the trying time then they were guaranteed to be correct when they play the game. However, it was not implemented in the actual game. Good way also need with good execution then could make good result.


Drwum Encourage life, test team cooperation, and practical ability. One team performed well at the learning prcess, but fail in actual combat, due to the mistakes made by individual family members. There is no rehearsal in work and there is no rehearsal in life. We must regard training as a battle and try best. Also we must regard combat as training and maintain a normal heart. By this way, our work skills can be continuously improved and be able to undertake the tack alone.


At noon,  WTS faimile made a picnic together. All the family members took out their own unique skills. Some colleague made of dumplings, some colleague cook Chicken, Some colleague cook fishes, some colleague cook vegetables. Everyone works together and prepares a sumptuous lunch in just one hour. The lunch are so delicious, at last the food is not enough.


In the afternoon, We had tug-of-war competition, two-people-three-footed match,  five-person-six-footed match,  CS match, and the most incredible game climb over the escape wall.


The escape wall is 4.5m high and 3m wide, requiring the people to climb over without relying on any external force.


Everyone thought that this was an impossible task at first. But in the end, we started the experiment under the guidance of the coach. We carried out layered management, and made different divisions of people with different physical qualities. We form two-layered people wall. The first and last colleague are physical fitness colleagues crossed the escape wall. In addition, colleagues who are good at doing ideological work are responsible for the political commissars to encourage those timid and fearful female colleagues to participate in game. In the end, everyone successfully climbed over the escape wall.


Work is team training. We must trust each other in our work. We are not afraid of suffering, we have the courage to try, make reasonable arrangement of work and dare to implement. There is no perfect individual, only perfect team. We firmly believe that as long as the WTS family have one unified target, one unified mind, one unified standard and one unified action, there is nothing that can't be done.

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