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Do You Know About Glacial Pure PAULTRA2 Refrigerator Air Filter ?
Feb 04, 2021
Refrigerator air filter is the key to clean up the bad smell and ensure fresh air into the refrigerator. Like the water filter, the refrigerator air filter should be replaced regularly (The exchange routine is depend on actual usage)

There are many kinds of air filters brand in the market,like whirlpool,Kenmore,Maytag and so on. But today I would like to recommend a air filter that you may not know before.It is Glacial Pure PAULTRA2 Refrigerator Air Filter. If you’re interested in it, please keep reading.

High compatibility
The Glacial Pure PAULTRA2 Refrigerator Air Filter can compatible with a variety of refrigerators. Such as Frigidaire 242047805, AP6285787 and EAP12364179 so on. More than 50 kind of Frigidaire refrigerator are available to install this glacial pure PAULTRA2 air filter !You can click here to check if your fridge model is on the compatibility list.

Effective performance
The glacial pure PAULTRA2 air filter is use high-quality carbon to filter the air of your refrigerator. It can reduce bacteria,viruses,VOC( like Formaldehyde, Chloroform and Styrene) from your refrigerator. Also, it can remove the harmful odor(like tobacco smoke) too. Smoking is a bad habit among many people.The tobacco smoke contain many harmful substances.So that It’s necessary for air filter enable to remove smoke. There is an advantage of glacial purePAULTRA2 air filter is that it can last filter every six months.

Affordable price
Usually,the Products with better performance tend to be more expensive.You may curious about the price of PAULTRA2 air filter. If you buy now, it’s only $23.99 for 6pk! This brand definitely fit with most American families and save your money in maximum!
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