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PurerDrop Refrigerator Air Filters

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PurerDrop refrigerator air filters. Compatible with Whirlpool, Frigidaire refrigerators. The filter works with activated carbon to freshen the air inside your refrigerator and help remove unpleasant odors effectively, including the smell of onions, garlic, and durian.

An innovative
filtering method
Use high-quality carbon filtering materials
Keep refrigerators smelling fresh.
Eliminate bacteria,viruses,ect.
Volatile organic compounds.
Effective at eliminating foul odors from. refrigerators, freezers.
Reduce acidic and basic odors.
Making ice taste better.
Refrigerator Air Filters
Use this fabulous air filter in the refrigerator, Effective at removing foul odors, and keep a lot of ingredients and fruits fresh, without excessive excess, making the ice taste better.

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