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WTS Photonics Technology CO.'s launch conference in December
Dec 28, 2018

WTS Photonics Technology CO.'s launch conference in December officially opened at 5:30 p.m. on December 7, this time to participate in the launch conference in addition to all the staff of WTS and brother company partners, there are five new interns, for the company injected new blood.

The beginning of the conference or each group to bring the military training show and queue change, everyone's posture or the same valiant valiant valiant. Then comes the artistic performance which each group brings, the sketch content which the new employee brings for everybody is vivid and interesting.

The second link is the family's share and year-end performance commitment, sharing the final Chen summed up the end of the sprint and performance deficiencies, I hope you make persistent efforts in December.

The third part is still the little angel part that everyone is looking forward to, a small move to warm everyone.

Finally, wish WTS will be better and better!

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