What is ring spinning?

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Ring spinning is a modern yarn spinning technology that consists of successive stages, which start from the opening of the fiber in the bale to the frame of the spinning machine and the end of the winding.

Compared with ring spinning technology, ring spinning technology has the characteristics of ring spinning technology, so ring spinning can achieve a more uniform yarn surface, less thick and thin areas, and better drape.

Ring spun yarns is usually classified as combed or carded yarn. Compared with carded yarn, combed yarn is more expensive. The combed yarn with compact spinning technology produces a smaller hairiness coefficient.

A wide variety of textile yarns can be produced using ring spinning technology.

CITIC NANYANG series yarns include the following series:
100% Virgin Polyester Spun Yarn
Polyester Melange/Black Spun Yarn
Recycled Polyester Colored Spun Yarn
100% Viscose Spun Yarn
Blended Yarn T/C T/R Ring Spun Yarn
Polyester Sewing Thread
Open End Polyester Yarn
Polyester Staple Fiber

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