Definition of recycled polyester spinning

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First, spun yarn is a yarn made by twisting short fibers together at a very high speed using a spinning process. The spun yarn can contain a single type of fiber or be combined with another type of fiber. In addition, recycled polyester spun yarn is a yarn made of polyester.

Most importantly, the combination between natural fibers and synthetic fibers is very common. Natural fibers generally also have good water absorption and skin comfort. At the same time, synthetic fibers can have high strength, gloss and flame retardant qualities. However, the most widely used blends are cotton-polyester and wool-acrylic fiber blends.

Manufacturing Process of Recycled polyester spun yarn
In addition, manufacturers can also use virgin polyester staple fiber to make virgin polyester spun yarn, or use recycled polyester staple fiber to make regenerated spun yarn. In addition, spinning can be waxed for knitted fabrics, or it can be unwaxed, mainly for weaving. As a result, the manufacturer produced polyester spun yarn in the spinning process by carding short staple fibers. Moreover, these yarns are available in white and dyed colors.

The manufacturing method of regenerated spun yarn can also be changed. Use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) waste to make RPET spun yarn. Used consumer plastic bottles contain PET waste. Recyclable polyester is made by breaking down used plastic into tiny flakes. After that, it is processed and finally spun into yarn. The recycled polyester spun yarn will help reduce the waste of plastic bottles. This type of yarn will help transfer old plastic from landfills. In addition, recycled polyester is a soft and tough fabric that is more sustainable than conventional polyester. In addition, Hadtex also produces and supplies spun yarn, non-woven spunbond, PET flakes and recycled polyester staple fibers.

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