What are the applications of polyester yarn

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Polyester is a synthetic fiber. However, it is also composed of long-chain polymers. In addition, there are two types of polyester: PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PCDT (poly 1,4-cyclohexylidene dimethylene). PET polyester can be made into yarn.

Most importantly, PET is the most commonly used polyester. This is because people can widely use PET in different types of applications. In addition, PET is also stronger than PCDT.

Application of polyester yarn
Manufacturers widely use fabrics woven or knitted from polyester threads or yarns in clothing and household goods, from shirts and pants to jackets and hats, bed sheets, blankets, upholstered furniture and computer mouse pads. People use industrial polyester fibers, yarns and ropes for automotive tire reinforcements, conveyor belt fabrics, safety belts, coated fabrics, and high energy-absorbing plastic reinforcements. People also use polyester fibers as cushioning and insulating materials in pillows, quilts and upholstery cushions. Polyester fabric has strong antifouling properties. In addition, people can only use disperse dyes to change the color of polyester fabrics.

However, there are three types of polyester yarns, which are monofilament, multifilament and spun yarn. Hadtex uses recycled PET staple fiber to make PET spinning. However, the staple food can be bright, dark or semi-dark.

Hadtex produces rPET spun yarn/recycled polyester yarn. Hadtex uses 100% recycled polyester or recycled polyester and other types of fibers such as cotton (T/C) or rayon (T/R) to make RPET/recycled polyester spun yarn (sewing thread).

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