The main types of viscose yarn

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There are many kinds of rayon, most of which are highly absorbent, easy to dye, skin-friendly and soft. Once produced, they are very popular. Viscose (commonly known as rayon) is used to replace expensive silk. Viscose material is softer than cotton and more elastic than silk. Viscose is comfortable to wear. There are two types of fibers. They are called natural fibers and man-made fibers. Natural fibers are cotton, wool and silk, and man-made fibers are synthesized from petrochemical products such as nylon and polyester. Even if it is considered synthetic, it is not, it is made of tree cellulose.

Viscose filament yarn
Viscose filament yarn (VFY) is a natural yarn made from wood pulp or cotton pulp. It is obtained from nature and is also a natural product (non-synthetic). Viscose filament yarn is also called rayon yarn or rayon filament yarn. Due to its silky appearance and feel, VFY can be used to make fabrics for clothing and home textiles. Because of its breathability and water absorption capacity, it can be used to make soft and smooth clothing fabrics. It is also widely used to make viscose embroidery thread.

Viscose embroidery thread
Viscose embroidery thread is made of viscose filament yarn (VFY), which is a natural yarn made of wood pulp or cotton pulp. It is obtained from nature and is also a natural product. Today, viscose embroidery thread is widely used in embroidery works of various fabrics and clothes. Because of its special characteristics such as long-lasting luster, natural hygiene, brightness and soft hand feel, it is accepted and used worldwide.

Viscose staple fiber
Viscose staple fiber (VSF) is a natural, biodegradable fiber with properties similar to cotton. It is obtained from wood pulp or cotton pulp. As an extremely versatile and easy-to-mix fiber, VSF is widely used in clothing, home textiles, clothing materials, knitted clothing and non-woven applications.

Viscose Spun Yarn
The fabrics used for clothing and household items (such as bed sheets, curtains and decorations) can be made of Viscose Spun Yarn. It has 1ply or 2ply of 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. Dyed yarns are also available in original white, optical white, black, gray, red, blue and yellow double and multilayer yarns.

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