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Warmly Moving forward-caring for the stars, we are in action

Warmly Moving forward-caring for the stars, we are in action


On December 25th, the "Do Not Forget" co-sponsored by the Fifth Party Branch of the Fuzhou Development and Reform Commission, the Party Branch of the Primary School Affiliated to Fujian Normal University, the Party Branch of Start Talk School of Fuzhou, and the Party Branch of the Optoelectronic Industry Association of Fuzhou The "Early Heart, Remembering the Mission" theme Education Party Day and Integrative Education Campus Event was held at the Primary School Affiliated to Fujian Normal University. Fuzhou Development and Reform Commission party group member and deputy director Lin Jin, Fuzhou Development and Reform Commission Director of Innovation and High-tech Industry Development Division Shi Liang and other functional department leaders, as well as Fuzhou Optoelectronic Industry Association member enterprise representatives, college representatives, volunteers, a total of more than 1,000 people participated in activity.

Chen Huamin, vice chairman of Fuzhou Optoelectronic Industry Association and general manager of Fuzhou WTS PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, mentioned in his speech: As an entrepreneur, we should practice the core values of socialism. Will not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, and actively fulfill social responsibilities while creating social wealth. The Optoelectronics Association will “integrate heart and heart, give love, hold hands and help each other” in the integration and mutual assistance, in order to build a “blessed state and happiness” City "contributes.

Lin Jin, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Fuzhou Development and Reform Commission, put forward three points of experience: First, raise awareness. As a symbol of social civilization and the advancement of the times, integrated education occupies an indispensable and important position in the national education system and social security. At present, there are more or less special students in every school in our city. How to strengthen integration and help these special children grow up healthy and integrate into the society, testing each of us's social conscience and professional ethics. The second is to form a joint force. The Fifth Party Branch of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission will take the lead in signing co-construction agreements with the Party Branch of the Normal University Affiliated Primary School and the Party Branch of Fuzhou Start Talk School to contribute to the integration of education development of the two schools in an institutionalized form and help solve some difficulties. It is hoped that the units attached to the Normal University, Start Talk School, and Optoelectronics Association will strengthen cooperation with each other to support a sky for these special children. The third is to create an atmosphere. The holding of this event means a new start of caring for these special children. In the future, we will work with the Civilization Office, the Education Bureau, the Disabled Persons' Federation and other departments to care about these children and strive to create conditions for the healthy growth of children. We also look forward to more departments, The unit cares about this group, pays attention to this cause, supports the integrated education development of Start Talk School and other general schools, illuminates the road of children's growth with light and love, and contributes to accelerating the construction of a "blessed state and a happy city".

The 18 member units of the association fully participated in the event. After a comprehensive and orderly preparation, a total of 51,000 yuan was received as donations for cultural performances, stage construction and gift purchases. Through integration education, let more people know the Star Children, understand this group of folding angels, and bring more care and warmth to the Star Children.

Star children are a special social group. Because of their own defects, they often receive unfair treatment in social life. They need social attention, guidance and help. The Fuzhou Optoelectronics Industry Association will do its best to help the children of Start Children grow up healthily and happily. At the same time, they also hope that caring people in society will join the caring action to create a good social environment for their healthy growth, cultivate living ability, and integrate into the society to the greatest extent. .


This article comes from Fuzhou Optoelectronic Industry Association

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