The advantages of core spun yarns and fabric

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The core-spun yarn is formed directly on the spinning frame without revealing the yarn core. Generally, synthetic fiber filament with good strength and elasticity is used as the core yarn, and short fibers such as cotton, wool and viscose spun yarn are spun together by twisting.

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Core-spun yarn has many advantages. It can take advantage of the excellent physical properties and surface characteristics of the core yarn chemical fiber filament and the outer short fiber to give full play to the characteristics of the two fibers and make up for their shortcomings. For example, polyester spun yarn can give full play to the advantages of polyester filaments that are crisp, crepe-resistant, easy to wash and dry, and at the same time, it can also take advantage of the advantages of outer cotton fiber that it has good moisture absorption, low static electricity, and is not easy to fuzz and pilling. The woven fabric is easy to dye and finish, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, bright in color and beautiful in appearance.

The core-spun yarn can also reduce the weight of the fabric while maintaining and improving the properties of the fabric. It also uses the different chemical properties of the chemical filament and the outer fiber. During the dyeing and finishing of the fabric, a part of the outer fiber is rotten by chemicals to make it. Burnt-out fabric with three-dimensional pattern effect, etc. The use of core-spun yarn is currently the most widely used core-spun yarn with cotton as the skin and polyester as the core. It can be used to produce school uniforms, work clothes, shirts, bathrobe fabrics, skirt fabrics, sheets and decorative fabrics.

An important development of core-spun yarns in recent years is the use of polyester core yarns covered with viscose, viscose and linen or cotton and viscose blends, as well as cotton and silk or cotton and wool. Blended covered core yarn, these products are very popular.

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