How to distinguish polyester and nylon blended yarn?

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Also known as Polyester fiber, its characteristics are good breathability and moisture removal. There is also strong resistance to acids and alkalis, and UV resistance. Generally, the fabrics with multiples of 75D are polyester, such as 75D, 150D, 300D, 600D, 1200D, and 1800D. The fabric is darker and rougher than nylon.


Also known as Nylon, polyamide fiber. The advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, good deformation resistance and aging resistance. The disadvantage is that it feels hard. The more famous ones are PERTEX and CORDURA. Generally, fabrics that are multiples of 70D are nylon. For example, 70D, 210D, 420D, 840D, and 1680D are all nylon materials. The fabric has a brighter gloss and a slippery feel. Generally speaking, all bags are made of nylon oxford cloth. The simplest difference between nylon and polyester is the burning method! The black smoke of polyester, the white smoke of nylon, and the residue after burning, the kneading of polyester will shatter, and the plastic of nylon! The price of nylon is twice that of polyester. Nylon, near the flame, quickly curls and melts into a white gel. It melts and drops and bubbles in the flame. There is no flame when burning. It is difficult to continue burning without the flame. It emits a celery smell. The light brown melt is not easy to grind after cooling . Polyester is easy to ignite, and it melts when it is near the flame. When it burns, it emits black smoke while melting. It shows a yellow flame and emits an aromatic smell. After burning, the ashes are dark brown lumps, which can be broken with fingers.
The hand feel will also be different. Polyester has a rougher hand and nylon has a smoother hand. In addition, you can use your nails to scrape. After the nails are scraped, the obvious traces are tapen, and the less obvious traces are nylon, but this method is not as intuitive and easy to tell as the first method.

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