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Using the air water maker, the water vapor in the air can be collected to obtain the water source. In other words, as long as there is air, water will be formed.

Atmospheric water generator, air to water machine. The source of pure water.

The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a simple and practical invention, which can also be called a fresh water generator. The main process of converting air into water is condensation. Everyone should be able to clearly know the fact that the air is accompanied by water. We often say that the air is dry in autumn and winter because of the low moisture and low humidity in the air. And AWG is easy to get the water source by the water vapor in the air.

And how does it work?
Our air water generator is made up of 8 system structure makes up the atmospheric water generator.
Here is Working principle of atmospheric water generator machine:

air water maker

Is the collected air water safe?
very safe! It is easy to solve when we breathe the air first. If it is not safe, breathing the same air can cause health complications almost immediately. What's important is that our water maker AWG is certified for pure humidity produced worldwide.

Why Choose Accairwater?
-Lowest price guarantee!
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-Energy efficient
-Up to 5000 liters of water per day!
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-Licenses and patents available.

We are a professional manufacturer of air water generator and a provider of atmospheric water technology. We are committed to solving drinking water, industrial and agricultural water problems in areas with scarce water sources around the world.

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