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Frequently Issue of Whipped Cream Dispenser

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We will try to solve the most common problems and make your holiday whipped cream sweet, relaxing and worry-free! The following are the top ten most common problems and provide solutions.

1. In the whipped cream dispenser, is C02 or N20 used for whipped cream?

N20 (nitrous oxide) is the only gas that can be used to make whipped cream in your whipped cream dispenser. You cannot use CO2 to make fresh milk cream in the dispenser. This is by far the most common problem. If your milk is not sour and you find a creamy, metallic or frothy taste of fresh milk, please select the box from which the cartridge has been taken out. 9 out of 10 times are because you are using C02 (soda charger) instead of N20 (whipped cream charger).


2. I can hear more cream in the dispenser, but the cream will not come out!

This is troublesome, especially when you can't waste this delicious snack. The fact is that you are likely to always leave very little residue at the bottom because it may look like "a lot" when mixed with N20, but it is not. If you find it is a bit more, please put in another N20 charger, which will help you ensure the last drop of ink. If you encounter this common problem every time, please check your dispenser for any problems and your technology. Remember to always shake before use.

3. After charging the dispenser, should the charger stand be removed from the dispenser?

It doesn't matter, in fact, no one in my house can take all the charger seat off. this is your choice! But this will not affect the final result.

4. How many ink cartridges can be used in my dispenser?

Half pint dispenser = 1 to 2 chargers

One Pint distributor = 1 to 2 chargers

One quart (liter)-2 to 3 chargers.

Don't overcharge your dispenser!

5. Why are the creams inconsistent?

One of the biggest reasons is that you have to clean out the dispenser, take out the parts (most parts in the dispenser are made), you should have a top valve, gasket, tip, take them out and clean them thoroughly Clean. You have completed a batch. If you don't clean it thoroughly, the cream particles will stick to the top valve, reducing the bulkiness. The only other reason is that the ratio of N20 to cream is incorrect, or it is not shaken well before use.

6. Every time I dispense the N20 cartridge into my dispenser, the nozzle will spray out, or the gas will escape from the intersection of the head and the can!

If N20 escapes from the nozzle, the top valve is broken and you need a new top valve. This is the only solution. Make sure not to tamper with your top valve, unless you want to clean it, it will limit the occurrence of problems.

If gas escapes from where the head meets the canister, check to make sure the gasket is in place! If you don't have a gasket, that's why it leaks. If you do have a gasket and you are still doing it, it means that your gasket is somewhat damaged because it does not have a tight seal and it is time to replace the gasket.

7. I don’t know what I’m doing or the cream dispenser?

1 pint fresh cream dispenser, 1 pint regular fresh cream and 1 N20 charger. Put the cream in the jar, then dispense an n20 charger and shake it well. Make sure your dispenser is facing down and press the lever. Please refrigerate when not in use, and shake it a few times before each use. After all the milk fat has been taken out, the dispenser is disassembled and cleaned, and the parts are taken out. Everything here is its! If you clean it and follow the steps, your dispenser will work well for a long time!

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