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Benefits of using a windproof umbrella

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There are actually many different umbrellas to choose from, thousands of them. There are small and compact umbrellas, larger golf umbrellas in hand, weak frame, strong frame, ventilated canopy, auto open auto close umbrella, manual open umbrella...the list is endless. How to make it very easy to choose a sturdy and reliable protective umbrella, this article focuses on the introduction.

What does windproof mean?
A common misunderstanding is that the term "windproof" in the umbrella world means that the umbrella crown will remain firm and not turn outward. This is not the case! In practice, this means that the frame is designed in a flexible way that can disperse the wind slightly. If the situation is particularly windy, design the frame to flip from the inside to the outside. The key point is that the frame will not break, but is designed to flip from the inside to the outside, and then return to normal without breaking. You can think of the frame as a sail on a boat, which can easily change its shape with the wind. Therefore, we always recommend that you buy a windproof umbrella, because such a frame will always have a better structure and therefore a longer service life.

Airy double canopy umbrella
The canopy of the umbrella is a fabric on the top of the frame. Materials such as polyester, cotton or plastic are the most commonly used materials. Polyester and plastic are very suitable for rainy days, and cotton is synonymous with sunshade umbrellas.
An important feature related to this umbrella section that needs attention is the ventilated double canopy. There are two layers of fabric with gaps or vents between them. They are attached to each rib of the frame, so there are 6 to 8 ventilation holes on a standard umbrella. These vents are an excellent feature because they allow wind to pass through them, thus regulating the pressure that may accumulate during wind gusts. The vents are cleverly designed, with only a proper overlap, which can let the wind pass, but keep the rainwater outside the cover. If the ventilation holes are not present, the wind pressure will cause the frame to bend or even break.

Build a strong frame
The frame of the wind parachute is so important, just like the engine of a car, it is essential to its performance. It is very important to make this decision correctly. The frame usually has 6 ribs, 8 ribs, 12 ribs, 16 ribs or 24 ribs. The number of ribs is usually an even number to make the frame symmetrical.

We recommend that the selected material be strong first, and secondly allow a little flexibility to overcome strong wind gusts. The best frames are those made of fiberglass or high-strength steel, which have the advantages of strength and value for money. Other materials (such as aluminum) cannot provide the required strength, so it is usually best to avoid them.

Should you buy a compact umbrella or a large umbrella
Another key decision is whether you need a small umbrella or a larger umbrella in your hand. The main factors to consider are whether to store the umbrella in a bag when not in use, or an umbrella that needs to be carried on hand. If having a lightweight umbrella is important to you, choose a compact umbrella. These are usually less than 30 cm in length, so they are easy to store. The disadvantage of these smaller compact umbrellas is that when the umbrella is used, the size of the canopy is usually smaller and the frame becomes weaker due to the number of folds required.
Therefore, if you need a stronger frame and an awning large enough to accommodate 1 or 2 people, please seriously consider using a large golf umbrella. Due to the small number of folds, the frame will be strong, and the closed size of the umbrella will be much larger, so the canopy will be larger.

Run automatically, you won't look back
Umbrellas can also be automatic or manual. Automatic umbrella means that when the open button is pressed, the umbrella will open by itself. This is excellent because it can be opened with only one hand. This is very useful if your hands are carrying other objects or need to hold the phone. If the button is pressed a second time, some smaller compact umbrellas will also automatically close the frame. This will cause the canopy to collapse together, allowing you to manually collapse the shaft.

A manual umbrella requires the runner to be manually pushed up onto the shaft, which of course requires two hands, one hand to keep the handle stable, and the other to push the runner forward.

We always recommend that you buy an automatic umbrella, it is very simple to use!

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