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Advance your promotions with custom auto open close umbrella

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There are many different styles of umbrellas on the market today. The choice of umbrellas sometimes becomes a problem. Here we recommend a type of auto open close umbrella. Why do we recommend auto open close umbrella as promotional gifts?
Auto Open Close Compact Umbrella
1. Convenience
With the push of a button, this custom umbrella will automatically open or close. Imagine how much time and energy you can save when opening or closing the umbrella.

2. Easy positioning
If you want to use it, you no longer need to go through the trouble of pulling an umbrella. Just press the button, it will make your umbrella open or close instantly, and it will be ready in time when you walk out of the office building or house.

3. Useful
Due to the unstable weather today, umbrellas have become a very important item. You no longer need to worry about the weather becoming very hot or downpour, because you have an umbrella. Did you know that people who receive promotional tools like to keep tools they find useful? According to a study, most people will keep promotional products if they think they are useful. The longer your promotional gifts stay, the longer your business will be promoted.

4. Economical
We are a professional umbrella factory with affordable prices and a variety of styles to choose from.

Dark Pattern Auto Open and Close Folding Umbrella
38.6in 3 Fold Auto Open Close Compact Umbrella

The most important thing is that we can accept customization, small batch customization.

With these auto open and close umbrella, you will definitely have an advantage over your competitors. Remember, stylish custom umbrellas will effectively promote your business. Invest in these custom umbrellas, and your customers and employees can be ready at any time regardless of the weather.

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