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The best travel umbrella to keep you dry in 2021

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When you travel to a new destination, you can research the weather you want, but you still need to be prepared for the unexpected. A downpour can happen anywhere, anytime, and not having an umbrella can be a huge mistake. Of course, when traveling, you will want to find the best, compact umbrella without compromising quality. So let's talk about the best travel umbrella.

What is a travel umbrella?
As the name suggests, a travel umbrella is a small and compact umbrella, usually light, but strong at the same time. Just because your umbrella is small does not mean it should be able to blow inward with minimal gusts.

The following are some of the travel umbrellas we recommend

Auto open and close umbrella
This travel umbrella is available in navy, red and black because it looks small when folded, only 11 inches. However, when you open the canopy, it measures 39 inches. The umbrella can be opened and closed at the push of a button. It is also very strong, windproof, and has an 8-rib structure.

38.5 inch 3 fold auto open umbrella
When opened, the umbrella is 98 cm long. When folded, it is only 29 cm, allowing you to store it anywhere. Thanks to the fiberglass material, our umbrellas are lighter (approximately 385 grams). He will not add too much weight to your school bag. This self-opening umbrella is undoubtedly the ideal choice for your travels!

Susino printing manual open umbrella
This personalized, manually-opening umbrella can be folded and is perfect for use at any time. It has a size that is convenient to carry, and there are a variety of printing patterns to choose from.

As a professional umbrella supplier, Susino can not only meet the needs of large umbrella importers and distributors, but also meet the customized needs of small customers and small orders. The color, logo and style of the umbrella can be customized, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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