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Quartz counter top VS Marble counter top

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You have many selections for counter tops on the market in the modern age.

These selections include various types of stone as well as solid surface materials that can be manufactured to look like stone. This guide will help you learn something that you need to know about both Quartz and Marble counter tops.

What is the Quartz ?
Quartz is made from 90% natural quartzite and 10% colorant,resin and other additives to adjust adhesion, curing, etc.
It is not natural stone but it is a type of solid material looks like stone or Marble.
Quartz is one of top choices for counter top because its surfaces are non-porous, stain resistant and water resistant.
But it come with advantages and disadvantages like other material.

What is the Marble ?
Marble is gift from nature, there are four main types of marble: calcite, limestone, serpentine, dolomite.

Whether you have a marble kitchen countertop, bathroom counter top, back splash or any other structure,marble will bring a touch of elegance to your space.

Every natural stone is completely unique, so it is important to visit one of our locations to see the variations in person.

From Creation to Your Counter top - Quartz

Because the Quartz is man-made rather than found naturally, you will be able to find any natural stone look surface,

such as pure white marble.

You can guarantee that your quartz slab will look just how you want it to. Despite not being natural stone,quartz counter tops can still look amazing.

In addition to their looks, the surfaces are also low maintenance.
For the installation, you can ask professinals or you can make DIY job.

From the Quarry to Your Counter top - Marble
The marble is a natural stone which found in earth area, the stone shape cut based on the specific needs.
No two marbles are exactly same, even if they come from same quarry.
The uniqueness of natural stone is what makes it appeal to many homeowners.
In terms of installation, marble is special so the installation should be strictly left to the professionals.

Maintenance : Quartz VS Marble

Quartz counter tops are very easy to maintain,but please pay attention to the below points to avoid unnecessary damage when using quartz stone.

1.Sharp sharps can cause damage to the surface and the material itself, so try to avoid contact with such appliances.

2.Although the surface of quartz is very heat-resistant and generally does not burn at high temperatures, any material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction.

Then we should avoid open flame barbecue counter tops and do not place high-calorie vessels directly on the counter top.

Also pot mats should be used to protect the quartz counter tops from damage.

Marble counter tops is harder to maintain compared to Quartz.

1.Do not place hot objects directly or permanently on the table. Hot pans, hot pots,or other overheated appliances that are taken directly from the cook top or oven,microwave oven, etc. may bring the surface of the Gorandi quartz stone.

Damage, a pot holder with a rubber feet, or a pad on the table.

Don't hit the counter top strongly and cut things directly on the counter top.

2.If you accidentally drip fruit stains, immediately wipe it with towel soap or detergent,then use a clean towel to clean the water, then the towel absorbs water to clean.

If there are yellow rust spots and yellow spots, use professional stone rust remover to cover and infiltrate.

3.If you want to polish and clean the marble, we can use a dry towel or paper towel at this time.

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