Quality spun yarn used in handwork

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"Citic Nanyang production and sales of recycled polyester staple fiber, recycled 100% virgin polyester spun yarn, thread and recycled colored spun yarn; we have various kinds of white and colored recycled staple fiber, the specifications from 1.4D to 15D, the annual production of 100,000 tons, the annual production of 100% virgin polyester spun yarn and thread of 50,000 tons and the annual production of colored spun yarn of 6,000 tons." Welcome visit us.

The yarn used in hand-knitting usually has two or more layers. They include types such as finger yarns, usually two or three layers, light to medium weight, uniform diameter, used in various types of clothing; Citic Nanyang's yarns, softer and thicker, usually four layers Medium weight, often used for sweaters and blankets; Shetland fine wool, soft, fluffy and light yarn, usually two layers, used for baby and children sweaters and shawls; worsted knitting yarn, highly twisted and heavy, Different from worsted fabrics, it is soft rather than crisp, suitable for sweaters; and wind yarns, which can be all wool or blended with other fibers, are very thin and soft, with low twist, and are used for lightweight clothing.
Embroidery floss used in hand embroidery is usually of low twist, belongs to the ply or cord type, and is made of smooth filaments such as silk and rayon. The yarn used for crocheting is usually a loose cotton thread type. Darn spun yarn is usually loosely spun.

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