Polyester Spun Yarn

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Citic Nanyang (Xiamen) Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional polyester spun yarn manufacturer and has exported world-class high-quality spun yarn to all over the world. The quantity of polyester spinning is NE 20/1, 30/1, etc. It is mainly used for knitting and weaving to make polyester fabrics, such as consumer fabrics and home furnishings.

Polyester spun yarn is obtained from virgin polyester staple fiber or recycled polyester staple fiber. Spun yarn is also used to make sewing thread and embroidery thread. The polyester spun yarn can be virgin spun yarn made from virgin polyester staple fiber, or recycled polyester spun yarn made from recycled PSF. Spinning can be waxed, used for knitted fabrics, or unwaxed, mainly used for knitting. PSY can usually be used for simplex and duplex in the textile industry. It can be raw white or dyed. Both paint-dyed spun yarn and conventional dyed spun yarn can be used to make fabrics.

Spinning with various twists can also be provided. 32 TPI (or 1200 TPM) and 38 TPI (or 1500 TPM) are common twists for spun yarns. Compared with ordinary twisted yarn, twisted spinning yarn has higher strength and toughness. We can provide the highest quality virgin and recycled polyester staple fiber yarns to manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world.

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