Finding Your Perfect Yoga Mat

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When we start practicing, we need to buy two things: the best yoga pants and the best yoga mat. Yoga pants are easy. You can easily find suitable yoga pants and try them on. However, there are many types of yoga mats, and from the perspective of safe germs, you should not try yoga mats. So we have to understand what yoga mat is most suitable for our contact according to our needs.

Restorative yogi
You enjoy slower paced practice; hold the position for a few minutes and breathe deeply. You sit or lie down almost all your exercises, so you want a comfortable place to relax.

For comfortable and restorative exercises, a thicker mat is the best yoga mat for you! Don’t limit your search to only “yoga mats”. Instead, look at Pilates mats. Pilates mats tend to be thicker than most yoga mats, ranging from 6 to 15 mm.

Posture-Focused yogi
You like learning new poses! You will spend a lot of time focusing on and perfecting one pose before moving on to the next pose. You are a decision maker, and you want the mat to persist in trial and error, focusing on the habit of posture.

For cushions that are easy to carry, look for a thickness between 3 and 5.5 mm. A thinner cushion will provide greater stability for your balanced posture, but if you really like to stand on your head, a thicker cushion will relieve some of the pressure on your neck. Look for a cushion with a light grip; enough to provide more support while maintaining balance, but not to pull the skin painfully when you fall.

Also consider mats with alignment marks. These lines will help you figure out the position of your hands and feet and bring your posture one step closer!

Heated yogi
Your practice usually includes at least one hour of Bikram or Vinyasa Flow yoga. Your face is shining, and your hands and feet are soaked with sweat. The last thing you want is to slide or slide on the mat, or often have to pause to dry it out. You want a mat that can withstand high temperatures!

Look for a mat with moisture wicking properties. It does not absorb all sweat, but drains it away when you practice. A thinner mat between 2.5 and 5.5 mm will be the best yoga mat for you. A thinner cushion provides greater stability, allows you to feel the surface under yourself, and prevents accidental rolling of your wrists or ankles when moving quickly between postures. Choose a mat that has a lot of grip. As the heat increases, even the cushions become "grip"!

Travel yogi
Today you are in Australia and tomorrow you are in Zimbabwe. You are always on the go, so you need a way to put the mat where you want to go without affecting your weight.

Try a travel yoga mat! Yes, there is such a thing. The length of the travel mat is between 1 and 2.5 mm, with various lengths and shapes. When you need to jump on an airplane or climb a mountain, they are easy to fold, roll and carry, and they are lighter than ordinary mats.

Technology-Loving Yogi
For gadget lovers like me, this is very lucky, now some yoga mats are a convenient technology! These sensors are more expensive than ordinary mats, and they contain sensors to help you with alignment and weight distribution. There are mats with LED lights to guide your exercises, mats with screens connected to Wifi/data functions, and mats that connect to any of your devices via Bluetooth!

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